The Organice Project builds on open source software, and django Organice is open source software itself. – We want to make the world a better place!

Features and Goals

Honest collaboration
We implement best-of-breed concepts for collaboration. Transparency is king, and freedom wins. For people with honest minds, bold and open-minded. We know that this is the future. It's simple as maths: Because today's businesses lose more with restrictions than they can gain with tomorrow's freedom.
Usability counts
One of our key goals is to provide an absolutely intuitive, consistent user experience. Because in fast-paced, flexible, probably small-margin businesses you don’t have the time to invest in training your staff. That's why our software also works perfect in very demanding environments, such as non-profit organizations with unpaid volunteers.
Reliable software
We build on promising, reliable Django components, and rather invest in those projects than build source code here. We expect to continually tune the compilation to keep the source footprint small, keeping the project lean and responsive. We give back to the community, because everyone profits.